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Cancer Chemother Rep. 1975 Sep-Oct;59(5):939-50.

Antitumor activity of amygdalin MF (NSC-15780) as a single agent and with beta-glucosidase (NSC-128056) on a spectrum of transplantable rodent tumors.


Experiments are described in which four transplantable rodent tumors (L1210 lymphoid leukemia, P388 lymphocytic leukemia, B16 melanoma, and Walker 256 carcinosarcoma) were used to investigate the antitumor activity of amygdalin MF. Amygdalin MF was given alone and in combination with beta-glucosidase which was administered 1/2 hour prior to amygdalin MF, starting 24 hours after tumor implantation. No antitumor activity was observed in any of the four tumor systems tested with the drug alone or in combined therapy. The combined therapy showed potentiation of toxicity with doses of amygdalin MF greater than or equal to 100 mg/kg.

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