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Adv Colloid Interface Sci. 2002 Mar 29;97(1-3):205-53.

Dimeric and oligomeric surfactants. Behavior at interfaces and in aqueous solution: a review.

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Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS-ULP), Strasbourg, France.


Dimeric and oligomeric surfactants are novel surfactants that are presently attracting considerable interest in the academic and industrial communities working on surfactants. This paper first presents a number of chemical structures that have been reported for ionic, amphoteric and nonionic dimeric and oligomeric surfactants. The following aspects of these surfactants are then successively reviewed the state of dimeric and oligomeric surfactants in aqueous solutions at concentration below the critical micellization concentration (cmc); their behavior at the air/solution and solid/solution interfaces; their solubility in water, cmc and thermodynamics of micellization; the properties of the aqueous micelles of dimeric and oligomeric surfactants (ionization degree, size, shape, micropolarity and microviscosity, solution microstructure, solution rheology, micelle dynamics, micellar solubilization, interaction between dimeric surfactants and water-soluble polymers); the mixed micellization of dimeric surfactants with various conventional surfactants; the phase behavior of dimeric surfactants and the applications of these novel surfactants.

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