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J Physiol. 1975 Oct;252(1):97-113.

The effect of saline and hyperoncotic dextran infusion on canine ileal salt and water absorption and regional blood flow.


1. The unidirectional Na and H2O fluxes, vascular pressures and total and absorptive site blood flows in the canine ileum were determined before and during I.V. saline infusion and subsequent I.V. infusion of hyperoncotic dextran. The intestinal perfusion solutions were isotonic saline or isotonic saline and mannitol, but the effects of I.V. saline or I.V. hyperoncotic dextran infusion were generally the same for both luminal solutions. 2. Continuous I.V. infusion of saline caused a continuous increase in the unidirectional flux of Na and H2O into the ileal lumen, an increase in total blood flow, and an increase in venous pressure. 3. The net absorption of Na and H2O was decreased by I.V. saline infusion. 4. The unidirectional fluxes of Na and H2O out of the lumen, arterial pressure, and absorptive site blood flow were not affected by I.V. saline infusion. 5. I.V. hyperoncotic dextran infusion reversed most of the effects of saline infusion. 6. The unidirectional fluxes of Na and H2O into the lumen were significantly correlated with Starling forces during I.V. saline infusion. 7. It was concluded that intestinal transport of salt and water was subject to regulation by physical forces at the capillary level.

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