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Arch Microbiol. 1979 Nov;123(2):173-81.

The cell cycle of Bacillus subtilis as studied by electron microscopy.


Bacillus subtilis strain Marburg was grown exponentially with a doubling time of 65 min. To follow the time course of various cell cycle events, cells were collected by agar filtration and were then classified according to length. The DNA replication cycle was determined by a quantitative analysis of radioautograms of tritiated thymidine pulse labeled cells. The DNA replication period was found to be 45 min. This period is preceded and followed by periods without DNA synthesis of about 10 min. The morphology and segregation of nucleoplasmic bodies was studied in thin sections. B. subtilis contains two sets of genomes. DNA replication and DNA segregation seem to go hand in hand and DNA segregation is completed shortly after termination of DNA replication. Cell division and cell separation were investigated in whole mount preparations (agar filtration) and in thin sections. Cell division starts about 20 min after cell birth; cell separation starts at about 45 min and before completion of the septum.

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