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Allerg Immunol (Paris). 2002 Mar;34(3):82-4.

[Use of an amino-acid-based formula in the treatment of cow's milk protein allergy and multiple food allergy syndrome].

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Immunologie Clinique et Allergologie, Hôpital Central, Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 54035 Nancy.


Food allergy to cow's milk proteins (APLV) is frequently found in young infants. Treatment is by starting an elimination diet. Different substitution products have been proposed: soya milk, partial hydrolysate of the proteins of lactoserum, powdered casein hydrolysate, hydrolysed soya and pork collagen. Allergic reactions to soya milk, hydrolysates of lactoserum proteins, powdered casein hydrolysates and hydrolysates of soya have been described. The study that we present evaluates the effect on the natural development of these allergies of a formula based on amino-acids (Neocate) in 26 patients who presented a syndrome of multiple allergies one of which was a food allergy to milk. Twenty-five of them had a severe atopic dermatitis, isolated (14 cases), or associated with gastro-intestinal troubles (6) break in the growth curve (5), anaphylactic reactions (2), one asthma (1). One child had a chronic diarrhoea associated with a weight plateau. Evaluation 2 or 3 months later showed a significant improvement of the atopic dermatitis. Return of the stature-weight growth was noted in 4 children from 5, the check in one was reported as due to a initially unrecognised allergy to gluten. The recovery of the APLV was shown by double-blind oral provocation test in 20/23 children between 11 and 37 months (22 +/- 9). Duration of administration of Neonate was between 6 to 19 months (12 + 5) months. This study confirmed the beneficial effect of the amino-acid formula on weight gain, gastro-intestinal troubles and development of atopic dermatitis. The level of recovery of APLV of 86% at the age of 2 years is better than that reported in the syndrome of multiple food allergies of 22%. The influence of this diet on the development of other food allergies remains to be evaluated.

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