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Acta Orthop Scand. 1975 Nov;46(5):857-63.

Congenital metatarsus varus. On the advantages of early treatment.


Among 212 infants with congenital metatarsus varus 84 (39.6 per cent) of the infants were treated. Only the treated group is considered in the analysis. Daily manipulative therapy was given followed by fixation in elastic bandage or splint. The manipulations aimed at correcting the adduction of the fore part of the foot, as well as the increased valgus of the heel. In 68 infants treatment was instituted before one year of age. The results were good in 65 of these patients and correspondingly good results were obtained in 15 out of 16 patients treated at more than one year of age. Subluxation in the fore- and midfoot and bony incongruity present at birth are offered as a possible explanation for lack of spontaneous recovery before weightbearing as well as the occurrence of resistant cases. Spontaneous improvement may take place during childhood and may be explained by the influence of the position of the heel during weightbearing.

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