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J Nutr. 2002 May;132(5):918-23.

Fructose intake increases hyperlipidemia and modifies apolipoprotein expression in apolipoprotein AI-CIII-AIV transgenic mice.

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Unité d'Expression des Gènes Eucaryotes, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.


Fructose intake has increased steadily during the past two decades. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of fructose intake on lipid metabolism in apolipoprotein (apo) AI-CIII-AIV transgenic (Tg) mice that have severe hypertriglyceridemia and moderate hypercholesterolemia. Tg and control mice were fed for 9 mo a commercial nonpurified diet and had free access to water or 250 g/L fructose solution. In Tg mice, fructose intake increased triglycerides and cholesterol but did not induce insulin resistance. There were no differences in human hepatic apo AI and apo CIII mRNA levels in fructose-fed mice compared with untreated mice, but apo AIV mRNA was greater, indicating a differential expression of the apo AI and apo AIV genes in response to dietary perturbations. Interestingly, the plasma concentration of the three human apolipoproteins was enhanced in fructose-fed Tg mice compared with untreated Tg mice. Our data suggest that long-term fructose consumption had strong adverse effects in this hyperlipidemic mouse model.

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