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J Immunol. 2002 May 1;168(9):4737-46.

SHIP negatively regulates IgE + antigen-induced IL-6 production in mast cells by inhibiting NF-kappa B activity.

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  • 1Terry Fox Laboratory, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


We demonstrate in this study that IgE + Ag-induced proinflammatory cytokine production is substantially higher in Src homology-2-containing inositol 5'-phosphatase (SHIP)(-/-) than in SHIP(+/+) bone marrow-derived mast cells (BMMCs). Focusing on IL-6, we found that the repression of IL-6 mRNA and protein production in SHIP(+/+) BMMCs requires the enzymatic activity of SHIP, because SHIP(-/-) BMMCs expressing wild-type, but not phosphatase-deficient (D675G), SHIP revert the IgE + Ag-induced increase in IL-6 mRNA and protein down to levels seen in SHIP(+/+) BMMCs. Comparing the activation of various signaling pathways to determine which ones might be responsible for the elevated IL-6 production in SHIP(-/-) BMMCs, we found the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/protein kinase B (PKB), extracellular signal-related kinase (Erk), p38, c-Jun N-terminal kinase, and protein kinase C (PKC) pathways are all elevated in IgE + Ag-induced SHIP(-/-) cells. Moreover, inhibitor studies suggested that all these pathways play an essential role in IL-6 production. Looking downstream, we found that IgE + Ag-induced IL-6 production is dependent on the activity of NF-kappa B and that I kappa B phosphorylation/degradation and NF-kappa B translocation, DNA binding and transactivation are much higher in SHIP(-/-) BMMCs. Interestingly, using various pathway inhibitors, it appears that the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/PKB and PKC pathways elevate IL-6 mRNA synthesis, at least in part, by enhancing the phosphorylation of I kappa B and NF-kappa B DNA binding while the Erk and p38 pathways enhance IL-6 mRNA synthesis by increasing the transactivation potential of NF-kappa B. Taken together, our data are consistent with a model in which SHIP negatively regulates NF-kappa B activity and IL-6 synthesis by reducing IgE + Ag-induced phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate levels and thus PKB, PKC, Erk, and p38 activation.

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