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Cell. 2002 Apr 5;109(1):101-12.

Endophilin mutations block clathrin-mediated endocytosis but not neurotransmitter release.

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Program in Developmental Biology, Houston, TX, USA


We have identified mutations in Drosophila endophilin to study its function in vivo. Endophilin is required presynaptically at the neuromuscular junction, and absence of Endophilin dramatically impairs endocytosis in vivo. Mutant larvae that lack Endophilin fail to take up FM1-43 dye in synaptic boutons, indicating an inability to retrieve synaptic membrane. This defect is accompanied by an expansion of the presynaptic membrane, and a depletion of vesicles from the bouton lumen. Interestingly, mutant larvae are still able to sustain release at 15%-20% of the normal rate during high-frequency stimulation. We propose that kiss-and-run maintains neurotransmission at active zones of the larval NMJ in endophilin animals.

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