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J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1975 Nov;57(4):413-21.

Fractures of the calcaneus with displacement of the thalamic portion.


The thalamus is the part of the calcaneus that supports the posterior articular facet and continues forward, becoming thinner towards the groove of the sinus tarsi. The main displacements after fracture depend on 1) a primary fracture line dividing the bone into anterior and posterior fragments, and 2) a semilunar fragment in the thalamic region. In the operation advised the sinus tarsi is exposed and the semilunar fragment is reduced by rotation in the opposite direction and is fixed to the medial fragment (the sustenaculum tali not being displaced) by a transverse Kirschner wire. The twp ,aom frag,emts are foxed bu am amtero-posterior wire. Plaster is applied and is retained for twelve weeks. Weight-bearing is not permitted for the first four weeks. There were no major complications in fifty-eight operations. The anatomical results were good: restoration of the tuber-joint angle by reduction of the semilunar fragment was maintained. The functional results were very satisfactory: permanent disability was slight or mild.

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