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Vet Ophthalmol. 2002 Mar;5(1):49-54.

Pectinate ligament dysplasia and narrowing of the iridocorneal angle associated with glaucoma in the English Springer Spaniel.

Author information

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, P.O. Box 8146 Dep., N-0033 Oslo, Norway.



The aim of the study was to evaluate if tonometry and gonioscopy could serve as predictors of later glaucoma development in the English Springer Spaniel, a breed prone to developing primary glaucoma.


Gonioscopy was performed on 279 English Springer Spaniel dogs, 119 males and 160 females, with clinically normal eyes. In addition, 14 dogs, five males and nine females were examined for glaucoma.


A positive relation between pectinate ligament dysplasia (PLD) and narrowing of the relative width of the ciliary cleft (RWOCC) and also between PLD, RWOCC and age was demonstrated. The prevalence of PLD was 25.5%, which is higher than in other breeds reported. A positive association was demonstrated between PLD and glaucoma, as well as between narrowing of the RWOCC and glaucoma. Glaucoma was not observed in dogs with normal appearance of the iridocorneal angle. English Springer Spaniels related to dogs with glaucoma show more narrowing of the RWOCC and more PLD than unrelated dogs.


This study demonstrates the positive association between PLD and glaucoma, between narrowing of the iridocorneal angle and glaucoma and the effect of age on the iridocorneal angle. Mating of dogs with normal iridocorneal angles appears to reduce the presence and degree of abnormal appearance of the iridocorneal angle in the offspring. However, breeding only dogs with normal iridocorneal angles without consideration of their relationship to dogs with glaucoma is not a guarantee for preventing glaucoma in the offspring.

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