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Oral Microbiol Immunol. 2002 Apr;17(2):129-31.

Differences in Candida albicans adhesion to intact and denatured type I collagen in vitro.

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Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Hiroshima University School of Dentistry, 1-2-3 Kasumi Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8553, Japan.


An inhibition assay of Candida albicans adhesion to gelatin-immobilized membranes was compared with that to intact type I collagen-immobilized membranes using an arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) containing peptide. As compared with a protein-free membrane, gelatin and collagen significantly enhanced the adherence of C. albicans. The adhesion of the yeast to gelatin was significantly inhibited by the RGD peptides, but not by arginine-glycine-glutamic acid (RGE) peptides. In contrast, attachment to collagen was not inhibited by RGD peptides. These results suggest that the RGD sequence of gelatin and the integrin-like proteins of yeasts may be involved in adherence.

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