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J Infect Dis. 2002 Mar 1;185(5):686-90. Epub 2002 Feb 6.

Effect of previous or simultaneous immunization with canarypox expressing cytomegalovirus (CMV) glycoprotein B (gB) on response to subunit gB vaccine plus MF59 in healthy CMV-seronegative adults.

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Division of Infectious Diseases, Children's Hospital Medical Center, CH-1, 3333 Burnet Ave. Rm. 1345, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039, USA.


Development of a vaccine for prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease is a priority. This study evaluated a "prime-boost" strategy by comparing the safety and immunogenicity of 3 doses of subunit CMV glycoprotein B (gB) vaccine plus MF59 (a squalene-in-water emulsion), 2 doses of a canarypox recombinant vaccine expressing CMVgB (ALVAC-CMVgB) followed by 2 doses of the subunit gB vaccine, 3 doses of both vaccines administered concomitantly, and placebo in 105 healthy, CMV-seronegative adults. Systemic adverse events were rare, but local reactions were common in all groups. After the first subunit vaccination, neutralizing antibody titers in the prime-boost group were comparable to those in subjects receiving 2 subunit vaccinations, indicating a priming effect of ALVAC-CMVgB. However, after the final dose, antibody and cell-mediated immune responses were not significantly different among the groups. All 3 vaccine regimens induced high-titer antibody and lymphoproliferative responses, but no benefit for priming or simultaneous vaccination was detected.

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