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Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2001 Oct;21(5):497-508.

Analysis of gene expression following sciatic nerve crush and spinal cord hemisection in the mouse by microarray expression profiling.

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Institute of Basic Medical Science, Academy of Military Science, Beijing, People's Republic of China.


1. The responses of periphery (PNS) and central nervous systems (CNS) towards nerve injury are different: while injured mammalian periphery nerons can successfully undergo regeneration, axons in the central nervous system are usually not able to regenerate. 2. In the present study, the genes which were differentially expressed in the PNS and CNS following nerve injury were identified and compared by microarray profiling techniques. 3. Sciatic nerve crush and hemisection of the spinal cord of adult mice were used as the models for nerve injury in PNS and CNS respectivey. 4. It was found that of all the genes examined, 14% (80/588) showed changes in expression following either PNS or CNS injury, and only 3% (18/588) showed changes in both types of injuries. 5. Among all the differentially expressed genes, only 8% (6/80) exhibited similar changes in gene expression (either up- or down-regulation) following injury in both PNS and CNS nerve injuries. 6. Our results indicated that microarray expression profiling is an efficient and useful method to identify genes that are involved in the regeneration process following nerve injuries, and several genes which are differentially expressed in the PNS and/or CNS following nerve injuries were identified in the present study.

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