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Chem Biol. 2002 Jan;9(1):71-8.

Expression analysis of the tylosin-biosynthetic gene cluster: pivotal regulatory role of the tylQ product.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester, LE1 7RH, Leicester, United Kingdom.


Expression analysis by RT-PCR, applied to the entire tyl cluster, revealed that the pattern of transcription is more complex than expected. For example, the five tylG polyketide synthase genes are not necessarily cotranscribed or even coregulated. Among the regulatory genes, tylQ has emerged as a key factor. Although several genes (including the positive regulator, tylS) were possibly expressed constitutively, only tylQ was silent during secondary metabolism. Analysis of engineered strains, in which tylQ was disrupted or overexpressed, showed that the TylQ protein is a transcriptional repressor that blocks tylosin biosynthesis by controlling expression of the activator, tylR. Before tylosin production can be triggered, tylQ must be switched off, or at least downregulated.

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