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Appl Radiat Isot. 2002 Jan-Feb;56(1-2):21-9.

A novel method for large-area sources preparation for the calibration of beta- and alpha-contamination monitors.

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Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel, BNM-LNHB, CEA/DAMRI Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.


A method is proposed for the preparation of large-area reference sources for the calibration of beta- and alpha-contamination monitors. It is based on the incorporation, by the ion-exchange mechanism, of the radionuclide in a thin film of a conducting polymer ion-exchanger preliminarily grown on a metal support. Conducting pyrrole-based polymer functionalized by carboxylic cation-exchange groups is used to prepare 60Co and 90Sr-90Y beta-particle sources. Electrochemical polymerization of the corresponding monomer on different conducting supports is studied and a special electrochemical equipment developed permitting the preparation of large-area polymer films of controlled and reproducible thickness. The ion-exchanger obtained is characterized in terms of chemical affinity for cations Co2+ and Sr2+. Incorporation of the radionuclides in the large-area ion-exchanger films thus obtained is studied and optimized with respect to the uniform distribution of the radionuclide. The performance of the procedure is demonstrated using the example of circular sources 44 mm in diameter prepared on stainless steel supports. The sources obtained are characterized in terms of activity, beta-particle flux, uniformity and source efficiency.


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