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Eur J Cell Biol. 2001 Nov;80(11):720-5.

Expression of the stress-induced p8 mRNA is transiently activated after culture medium change.

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Centre de Recherche INSERM, EMI 0116, Marseille/France.


We report here that the mere fact of changing culture medium for fresh medium induced in several cell lines the expression of stress-activated genes including protein kinases p38, JNK and ERK1/2 and the transcription factor C/EBPbeta. As a consequence, p8, a gene induced by stress in several tissues, was strongly up-regulated. Induction did not occur after change for cell-conditioned medium. Induction was however transient, with a peak at 60 min for p38, at 15-30 min for JNK and at 15 min for ERK1/2, at 2-3 hours for C/EBPbeta and at 4-6 hours for p8. Repression of the induction was due to the secretion of thermolabile molecule(s) that progressively conditioned the medium. As low as 25% of conditioned medium added to fresh culture medium was sufficient to abolish the stress response. Taken together, our data indicate that the renewal of culture medium induces a transient cellular stress that may be a source of artifacts in experiments performed shortly after a change of culture medium.

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