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J Immunol. 2002 Feb 15;168(4):1618-26.

Vascular endothelial-junctional adhesion molecule (VE-JAM)/JAM 2 interacts with T, NK, and dendritic cells through JAM 3.

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Department of Immunology, Genentech, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA.


Screening expressed sequence tag databases for endothelial-specific homologs to human junctional adhesion molecule (JAM) and A33-Ag, we identified a protein of 298 aa that represents the recently described vascular endothelial-JAM (VE-JAM)/JAM 2. We confirmed VE-JAM/JAM 2 expression to be restricted to the high endothelial venule of tonsil and lymph nodes, and we further expanded the localization to the endothelium of arterioles in and around inflammatory and tumor foci. In our functional characterizations of VE-JAM/JAM 2, we discovered that it can function as an adhesive ligand for the T cell line J45 and can interact with GM-CSF/IL-4-derived peripheral blood dendritic cells, circulating CD56(+) NK cells, circulating CD56(+)CD3(+) NK/T cells, and circulating CD56(+)CD3(+)CD8(+) cytolytic T cells. In the course of our studies, we also isolated and characterized the functional VE-JAM/JAM 2 receptor, which, upon cloning, turned out to be a submitted sequence representing JAM 3 (accession number NP 113658). With these understandings, we have characterized a protein-interacting pair that can be important in the role of T, NK, and dendritic cell trafficking and inflammation.

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