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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1976 Dec 6;449(3):434-6.

Light-dependent changes of the Mg2+ concentration in the stroma in relation to the Mg2+ dependency of CO2 fixation in intact chloroplasts.


(1) Light-dependent changes of the Mg2+ content of thylakoid membranes were measured at pH 8.0 and compared with earlier measurements at pH 6.6. In a NaCl and KCl medium, the light-dependent decrease in the Mg2+ content of the thylakoid membranes at pH 8.0 is found to be 23 nmol Mg2+ per mg chlorophyll, whereas in a sorbitol medium it is 83 nmol Mg2+ per mg chlorophyll. (2) A light dependent increase in the Mg2+ content of the stroma was detected wjem chloroplasts were subjected to osmotic shock, amounting to 26 nmol/mg chlorophyll. Furthermore, a rapid and reversible light-dependent efflux of Mg2+ has been observed in intact chloroplasts when the divalent cation ionophore A 23 187 was added, indicating a light-dependent transfer of about 60 nmol of Mg2+ per mg chlorophyll from the thylakoid membranes to the stroma. (3) CO2 fixation, but not phosphoglycerate reduction, could be completely inhibited when A 23 187 was added to intact chloroplasts in the absence of external Mg2+. If Mg2+ was then added to the medium, CO2 fixation was restored. Half of the maximal restoration was achieved with about 0.2 mM Mg2+, which is calculated to reflect a Mg2+ concentration in the stroma of 1.2 mM. The further addition of Ca2+ strongly inhibits CO2 fixation. (4) The results suggest that illumination of intact chloroplasts causes an increase in the Mg2+ concentration of 1-3 mM in the stroma. Compared to the total Mg2+ content of chloroplasts, this increase is very low, but it appears to be high enough to have a possible function in the light regulation of CO2 fixation.

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