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Am J Med Genet. 2002 Jan 15;107(2):105-8.

Deletion of RBM and DAZ in azoospermia: evaluation by PRINS.

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Clinical and Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory, Department of Pediatrics, University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee 38105, USA.


Molecular and cytogenetic studies from infertile men have shown that one or more genes controlling spermatogenesis are located in proximal Yq11.2 in interval 6 of the Y chromosome. Microdeletions within the azoospermia factor region (AZF) are often associated with azoospermia and severe oligospermia in men with idiopathic infertility. We evaluated cells from a normal-appearing 27-year-old man with infertility and initial karyotype of 45,der(X)t(X;Y)(p22.3;p11.2)[8]/46,t(X;Y)(p22.3;p11.2)[12]. By fluorescence in situ hybridization with dual-color whole chromosome paint probes for X and Y chromosomes, we confirmed the Xp-Yp interchange. By primed in situ labeling, we identified translocation of the SRY gene from its original location on Yp to the patient's X chromosome at band Xp22. We also obtained evidence that the apparent marker was a der(Y) (possibly a ring) containing X and Y domains, and observed that the patient's genome was deleted for RBM and DAZ, two candidate genes for AZF.

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