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Blood. 2002 Feb 1;99(3):792-9.

Stromal-derived factor 1 inhibits the cycling of very primitive human hematopoietic cells in vitro and in NOD/SCID mice.

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Terry Fox Laboratory, British Columbia Cancer Agency, 601 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1L3, Canada.


Stromal-derived factor 1 (SDF-1) is a -CXC- chemokine that plays a critical role in embryonic and adult hematopoiesis, and its specific receptor, CXCR4, has been implicated in stem cell homing. In this study, it is shown that the addition of SDF-1 to long-term cultures (LTCs) of normal human marrow can selectively, reversibly, and specifically block the S-phase entry of primitive quiescent erythroid and granulopoietic colony-forming cells (CFCs) present in the adherent layer. Conversely, addition of anti-SDF-1 antibody or SDF-1(G2), a specific CXCR4 antagonist, to preactivated human LTCs prevented both types of primitive CFCs from re-entering a quiescent state, demonstrating that endogenous SDF-1 contributes to the control of primitive CFC proliferation in the LTC system. Interestingly, SDF-1 failed to arrest the proliferation of primitive chronic myeloid leukemia CFCs in the adherent layer of LTCs containing normal marrow stromal cells. In vivo, injection of SDF-1 arrested the cycling of normal human LTC-initiating cells as well as primitive CFCs in the marrow of nonobese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficient mice engrafted with human cord blood cells. Conversely, injection of the antagonist, SDF-1(G2), reactivated the cycling of quiescent primitive human CFCs present in the marrow of mice engrafted with human marrow cells. These studies are the first to demonstrate a potential physiological role of SDF-1 in regulating the cell-cycle status of primitive hematopoietic cells and suggest that the deregulated cycling activity of primitive chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) cells is due to the BCR-ABL-mediated disruption of a pathway shared by multiple chemokine receptors.

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