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Plasmid. 2002 Jan;47(1):51-60.

Restriction map of the Serratia entomophila plasmid pADAP carrying virulence factors for Costelytra zealandica.

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Biocontrol and Biosecurity, Lincoln, New Zealand.


Some strains of the Enterobacteriaceae Serratia entomophila and S. proteamaculans cause amber disease in the grass grub Costelytra zealandica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), an important pasture pest in New Zealand. The virulence determinants of the disease reside on a large plasmid designated pADAP (amber disease-associated plasmid). A BamHI, EcoRI, and HindIII restriction cleavage map of pADAP was constructed by means of cloning restriction fragments. Each fragment was mapped, and neighboring fragments of mapped clones were systematically isolated from libraries using DNA probes constructed from previously cloned fragments. Through the use of sniff sequencing from the distal ends of a number of pADAP subclones the location of putative IS elements and genes involved in replication and conjugation were identified and assigned on the map. The location of the amber disease virulence-associated region was also mapped. The final map of pADAP spans 155 kb, 40 kb larger than the previous estimate.

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