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Nat Neurosci. 2002 Feb;5(2):155-61.

Long-term potentiation and contextual fear conditioning increase neuronal glutamate uptake.

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University of Houston, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Houston, Texas 77204, USA.


Induction and expression of long-term potentiation (LTP) in area CA1 of the hippocampus require the coordinated regulation of several cellular processes. We found that LTP in area CA1 was associated with an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor-dependent increase in glutamate uptake. The increase in glutamate uptake was inhibited by either removal of Na+ or addition of D,L-threo-beta-hydroxyaspartate. Dihydrokainate (DHK), a specific inhibitor of the glial glutamate transporter GLT-1, did not block the increase in glutamate uptake. LTP was also associated with a translocation of the EAAC1 glutamate transporter from the cytosol to the plasma membrane. Contextual fear conditioning increased the maximum rate (Vmax) of glutamate uptake and membrane expression of EAAC1 in area CA1. These results indicate that regulation of glutamate uptake may be important for maintaining the level of synaptic strength during long-term changes in synaptic efficacy.

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