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Audiology. 2001 Nov-Dec;40(6):322-6.

Age-related histopathological changes of the stria vascularis: an experimental model.

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Institute of Otolaryngology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy.


The stria vascularis (SV) of 3-, 8- and 18-month-old C57 mice was examined with a fluorescence microscope in order to evaluate the capillary density and vessel diameter. The capillary density was significantly reduced in 18-month-old mice compared to 3-month-old (P<0.001) and to 8-month-old (P<0.001) mice. The difference between 3- and 18-month-old mice was significant for the basal, middle and apical cochlear turns, while the difference between 8- and 18-month-old mice was significant only for the middle and basal turns. Vessel diameter within the whole SV was significantly reduced in all turns in 18-month-old mice (P<0.01) versus 3-month-old animals, while vessel diameter was reduced only in the basal turn in 8-month-old versus 3-month-old mice. The results suggest that previously described histopathological changes in the organ of Corti of C57 mice may be related to modifications of strial capillaries.

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