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Differentiation. 2001 Oct;68(4-5):220-6.

Pluripotential stem cells derived from migrating primordial germ cells.

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Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge, UK.


Pluripotent stem cells termed embryonic germ cells (EGCs) have earlier been derived from pre- and post-migrating mouse primordial germ cells (PGCs). We have recently obtained four EGC lines from migrating PGCs of 9.5 days post coitum (dpc) embryos. All lines were male with normal karyotype and showed properties that are similar to previously established EGC lines, including colony morphology, expression of alkaline phosphatase (AP), and expression of SSEA-1 antigen. The developmental potency of two of these lines was tested in vivo. They contributed to a range of tissues in fetal chimeras including heart, lung, kidney, intestine, muscle, brain and skin. We also examined the methylation status of the imprinted genes: Igf2r, p57Kip2, Lit1, H19 and Igf2. Igf2r, p57Kip2 and Lit1 were unmethylated in all analysed EGC lines, whereas H19 and Igf2 showed significant hypo-methylation in the 9.5 dpc EGC-1 line when compared to previously derived 11.5 dpc male EGC lines. This suggests that imprint erasure in the male germ line occurs prior to 9.5 dpc for all imprinted genes examined.

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