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J Protein Chem. 2001 Aug;20(6):469-77.

Purification and characterization of a new plant endopeptidase isolated from latex of Asclepias fruticosa L. (Asclepiadaceae).

Author information

Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.


Asclepias fruticosa L. is a small shrub containing latex with proteolytic activity. The crude extract (latex diluted 1:250 and ultracentrifuged) contained 276 microg of protein/mL and the proteolytic activity reached 1.2 caseinolytic U/mL. This enzyme preparation was very stable even after 2 hours at 45 degrees C, but was quickly inactivated after 5 minutes at 80 degrees C. Chromatographic purification was achieved by FPLC using a cation exchanger (SP-Sepharose FF). Thus, a unique proteolitically active fraction could be isolated, being homogeneous by bidimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (Mr = 23,652). The optimum pH range was achieved at 8.5-10.5. The enzyme activity was completely inhibited by specific cysteine peptidases inhibitors. Isoelectric focusing followed by zymogram showed the enzyme had a pI greater than 9.3. The N-terminus sequence (LPDSVDWREKGVVFPIRNQGK) shows a great deal of similarity to those of the other cysteine endopeptidases isolated from latices of Asclepiadaceae even when a high degree of homology could be observed with other plant cysteine endopeptidases.

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