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J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2002 Jan 15;27(3-4):431-9.

Preparative resolution of drug racemates to study the chiroptical properties of their enantiomers.

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Department of Chemistry, Göteborg University, SE-412-96 Göteborg, Sweden.


The present work is focused on the resolution of ten racemates, in order to study their chiroptical properties and to test the validity of the requirement specified in the European Pharmacopeia (EP) for demonstrating that a drug entity is a racemate. This work shows that the optical purity of enantiomers and non racemic mixtures of a number of compounds can be determined more accurately by circular dichroic (CD) spectroscopy than by a measurement of the angle of rotation (AoR), the EP requirement. Using only the AoR, some of the racemates could not be distinguished from the enantiomers. CD spectroscopy or chiral chromatography should, therefore, be the technique of choice in the determination of optical purity of a chiral compound, especially for those exhibiting low AoR.

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