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Nucleic Acids Res. 2002 Jan 1;30(1):284-8.

PASS2: a semi-automated database of protein alignments organised as structural superfamilies.

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National Centre for Biological Sciences, UAS-GKVK Campus, Bangalore 560 065, India.


PASS2 is a nearly automated version of CAMPASS and contains sequence alignments of proteins grouped at the level of superfamilies. This database has been created to fall in correspondence with SCOP database (1.53 release) and currently consists of 110 multi-member superfamilies and 613 superfamilies corresponding to single members. In multi-member superfamilies, protein chains with no more than 25% sequence identity have been considered for the alignment and hence the database aims to address sequence alignments which represent 26 219 protein domains under the SCOP 1.53 release. Structure-based sequence alignments have been obtained by COMPARER and the initial equivalences are provided automatically from a MALIGN alignment and subsequently augmented using STAMP4.0. The final sequence alignments have been annotated for the structural features using JOY4.0. Several interesting links are provided to other related databases and genome sequence relatives. Availability of reliable sequence alignments of distantly related proteins, despite poor sequence identity and single-member superfamilies, permit better sampling of structures in libraries for fold recognition of new sequences and for the understanding of protein structure-function relationships of individual superfamilies. The database can be queried by keywords and also by sequence search, interfaced by PSI-BLAST methods. Structure-annotated sequence alignments and several structural accessory files can be retrieved for all the superfamilies including the user-input sequence. The database can be accessed from

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