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Neuroreport. 2001 Dec 21;12(18):4029-33.

Proprioceptive feedback is reduced during adaptation to a visuomotor transformation: preliminary findings.

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Department of Physiology, Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden.


Adapting movements in relation to visual feedback is a ubiquitous characteristic of sensorimotor control and involves the integration of multiple sources of sensory information. We recorded sensory feedback from muscle spindle afferents during visuomotor adaptation while subjects performed an aiming task to investigate whether the activity of the muscle spindles was modulated by the fusimotor system under these learning conditions. None of the muscle spindles showed an increase in activity, rather in 83% of the trials the firing rates were decreased. These preliminary results suggest that the CNS reduces the sensory signals arising from muscle spindles perhaps as a means of resolving the conflict between visual and proprioceptive feedback during the task.

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