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Am J Sports Med. 2001 Nov-Dec;29(6):738-45.

The kinematics and kinetics of slipknots for arthroscopic Bankart repair.

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Department of tMusculoskeletal Science, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, United Kingdom.


An apparatus has been developed to enable the in vitro measurement of the kinematics and kinetics of a slipknot, both while the knot is being tightened and with the knot in place and the tension removed. During tightening, the apparatus provides a linearly increasing resistance, which may be considered analogous to the resistance experienced when the labrum is drawn toward and apposed to the edge of the glenoid cavity during a Bankart repair. The tension to close the knot is measured with a tensiometer, in tandem with the closure of the capsule model onto the bone anchor, which is measured with a datalogger. The tightening tension was limited to 25 N and intraoperator and interoperator comparisons were made for four knots tied by six participants. Failure of a knot was taken to be reverse slippage of 2 mm. A second criterion of ease of slide was used to assess each knot. We found wide interoperator variability with regard to slipknot tying. A methodology for quality control of slipknot tying is presented.

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