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Transfusion. 2001 Nov;41(11):1408-12.

E variants found in Japanese and c antigenicity alteration without substitution in the second extracellular loop.

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Department of Research, Japanese Red Cross Central Blood Center, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.



The molecular basis of E variants in the Japanese population is poorly understood. In this study, molecular analysis of E variants detected in Japanese by serologic methods was carried out.


E variants from healthy Japanese blood donors were screened by serologic analysis using E MoAbs. Fifteen E variant samples were divided into three types--EFM, EKH, and EKK-on the basis of patterns of reactivity with five distinct E antibodies. The entire coding region of the Rh cDNAs from the E variant samples was analyzed by sequencing.


Although the Rh cDNA sequences of the three types were different from each other, those of the EFM-type variants (RHEFM) had a partial DNA exchange in exon 5 between the RHCE and RHD genes, generating an RHcE variant (Gln233Glu, Met238Val). The cDNA of EKH-type variants (RHEKH) exhibited a point mutation (G461C) in exon 3 of the RHcE allele that resulted in an Arg154Thr substitution in the third external loop of the RhcE peptide. The EKK-type variant (RHEKK) carried a hybrid gene structure characterized by replacement of exons 1-3 (or 2-3) of the RHCE gene with those of the RHD gene. The RHD gene of a person possessing an E variant of the EKK type was also a hybrid gene, D-cE(2-3)-D or cE(1-3)-D (RHDKK). The E variants of types EKH and EKK showed weak c antigenicity.


In serologic screening of 140,723 Japanese blood donors, 15 were found to possess E variants (0.011%). A new RHCE variant, RHEKH, was identified. On the basis of the variants found in this study, the c antigenicity seemed to be determined not only by Pro-103 but also by the structure of the third extracellular loop or the amino acids contained in it.

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