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Nat Cell Biol. 2001 Nov;3(11):1030-3.

Endogenous beta-amyloid production in presenilin-deficient embryonic mouse fibroblasts.

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Institut de pharmacologie mol├ęculaire et cellulaire, UMR6097 du CNRS, 660 route des Lucioles, 06560 Valbonne, France.


Genetic and biochemical evidence have led to the suggestion that presenilins could be the long-searched-for gamma-secretase, the proteolytic activity that generates the carboxy terminus of amyloid beta-peptides. This activity is also thought to be responsible for the release of the Notch intracellular domain (NICD) from Notch. Here, we report the production of endogenous secreted and intracellular 40- and 42-amino-acid Abeta peptides in mouse fibroblasts deficient in presenilin 1, presenilin 2 or both. We show that the endogenous production of Abeta40 and Abeta42 was not altered by presenilin deficiency. By contrast, inactivating presenilin genes fully abolished NICD production. These data indicate that Abeta and NICD production are distinct catabolic events. Also, even though NICD formation is indeed presenilin dependent, endogenous secreted and intracellular beta-amyloid peptides are still generated in absence of presenilins, indicating that there is a gamma-secretase activity distinct from presenilins, at least in murine fibroblasts.

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