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Br J Cancer. 2001 Oct 19;85(8):1211-8.

Profile of differentially expressed genes mediated by the type III epidermal growth factor receptor mutation expressed in a small-cell lung cancer cell line.

Author information

Department of Radiation Biology, The Finsen Centre, National University Hospital, Section 6321, Copenhagen, DK-2100, Denmark.

Erratum in

  • Br J Cancer 2001 Dec 14;85(12):2023-5.


Previous studies have shown a correlation between expression of the EGF receptor type III mutation (EGFRvIII) and a more malignant phenotype of various cancers including: non-small-cell lung cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Thus, a detailed molecular genetic understanding of how the EGFRvIII contributes to the malignant phenotype is of major importance for future therapy. The GeneChip Hu6800Set developed by Affymetrix was used to identify changes in gene expression caused by the expression of EGFRvIII. The cell line selected for the study was an EGF receptor negative small-cell-lung cancer cell line, GLC3, stably transfected with the EGFRvIII gene in a Tet-On system. By comparison of mRNA levels in EGFRvIII-GLC3 with those of Tet-On-GLC3, it was found that the levels of mRNAs encoding several transcription factors (ATF-3, JunD, and c-Myb), cell adhesion molecules (CD36, CD24), signal transduction related molecules (MKP-1) and other molecules related to cancer (CD98, thymosin beta-10) were altered in the EGFRvIII transfected cell line. Northern hybridisations and Western blot analyses were used to verify selected results. The results indicate that expression of EGFRvIII alters expression of genes involved in the control of cell growth, survival and motility.

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