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Cell. 2001 Nov 2;107(3):373-86.

Structure of the 80S ribosome from Saccharomyces cerevisiae--tRNA-ribosome and subunit-subunit interactions.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Health Research Inc., Albany, NY 12201, USA.


A cryo-EM reconstruction of the translating yeast 80S ribosome was analyzed. Computationally separated rRNA and protein densities were used for docking of appropriately modified rRNA models and homology models of yeast ribosomal proteins. The core of the ribosome shows a remarkable degree of conservation. However, some significant differences in functionally important regions and dramatic changes in the periphery due to expansion segments and additional ribosomal proteins are evident. As in the bacterial ribosome, bridges between the subunits are mainly formed by RNA contacts. Four new bridges are present at the periphery. The position of the P site tRNA coincides precisely with its prokaryotic counterpart, with mainly rRNA contributing to its molecular environment. This analysis presents an exhaustive inventory of an eukaryotic ribosome at the molecular level.

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