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Gene. 2001 Aug 22;274(1-2):253-62.

Two messenger RNAs and five isoforms for Po66-CBP, a galectin-8 homolog in a human lung carcinoma cell line.

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Département de Médecine Nucléaire, UPRES EA 1794, Centre Eugène Marquis, CS 44 229, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France.


Galectins are animal proteins which specifically bind beta-D-galactoside residues and their specific cellular function is not yet clearly established. However, these proteins seem to play a role in neoplastic transformations. Po66 is a murine monoclonal antibody directed against a protein from human lung carcinoma, Po66 Carbohydrate-Binding-Protein (Po66-CBP), which belongs to the galectin-8 family. Our results show that the Po66-CBP gene generates five transcripts by alternative splicing, which could give rise to five proteins: two proteins belong to the tandemly repeated galectin family and three belong to the single carbohydrate recognition domain galectins. All these proteins are encoded by a unique gene located in 1q42. Experiments carried out by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction show that the levels of expression of these five galectin-8 isoforms are variable during the culture time in SK-MES-1, a human lung squamous carcinoma cell line. Cancer Genome Anatomy Project database analysis confirms the presence of Po66-CBP in lung cancer and its absence in healthy lung.

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