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Life Sci. 2001 Sep 21;69(18):2167-77.

Anxiolytic effect of Kami-Shoyo-San (TJ-24) in mice: possible mediation of neurosteroid synthesis.

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Oriental Medicine Research Center of the Kitasato Institute, Tokyo, Japan.


We assessed the anxiolytic effect of Kami-Shoyo-San (Jia-wei-xiao-yao-san; TJ-24), one of a traditional Chinese herbal medicine used for the treatment of menopausal anxiety, by the social interaction (SI) test in male mice. Acute administration of TJ-24 (25-100 mg/kg, p.o.), as well as the gamma-amino-butyric acidA/benzodiazepine (GABA(A)/BZP) receptor agonist diazepam (1-3 mg/kg, i.p.), dose dependently increased the SI time, respectively. The GABA(A) receptor antagonist picrotoxin blocked the effects of TJ-24 and diazepam. TJ-24-induced SI behavior was significantly blocked by the GABA(A)/BZP receptor inverse agonist Ro 15-4513 and the GABA(A)/BZP receptor antagonist flumazenil. In addition, 5alpha-reductase inhibitor finasteride potently blocked the effect of TJ-24 without attenuating the basal level by itself. These findings suggest that TJ-24 shows the anxiolytic effect through the neurosteroid synthesis followed by GABA(A)/BDZ receptor stimulations.

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