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Nature. 1979 Nov 15;282(5736):310-2.

A region of the Drosophila genome necessary for CNS development.


Mutations in genes involved in essential aspects of central nervous system development in Drosophila melanogaster are expected to be lethal. Thus, when searching for neurogenic mutants attention should be focused on embryonic lethal point mutants, for many of these might affect neural development. However, this approach can be very time consuming, for the location of neurogenic genes is unknown. A more convenient approach, which allows a faster screening of the genome, is to use relatively small chromosome deletions to determine whether the lack of a definite part of the genome affects neurogenesis. Once any region producing an interesting neural phenotype is found, it can be further analysed by the use of smaller deletions or point lethal mutants mapping within it, until the gene(s) responsible can be more precisely localised. We report here on a region of the Drosophila genome which has been found necessary for normal neurogenesis.

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