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J Biol Chem. 2001 Dec 14;276(50):46841-8. Epub 2001 Oct 8.

Tip60 is a co-activator specific for class I nuclear hormone receptors.

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Prostate Research Group, School of Surgical Sciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical School, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH, United Kingdom.


The nuclear hormone receptor superfamily is composed of a group of hormone-dependent transcription factors that play prominent roles in homeostatic events in vertebrates. A prerequisite for steroid hormone receptor activity is the binding of co-activator molecules to the activation function-2 domain of the receptor. The LXXLL motif/nuclear receptor box, contained within a number of co-activator molecules, mediates the interaction with nuclear hormone receptors. Tip60 (Tat-interactive protein 60 kDa), previously shown to bind to and enhance androgen receptor (AR)-mediated transactivation, contains a single nuclear receptor box at its extreme C terminus. We demonstrate that unlike members of the p160 co-activator family that interact predominantly with the N terminus of the AR in an LXXLL motif-independent manner, the LXXLL motif of Tip60 is required and is sufficient for AR interaction. Furthermore, by using the mammalian two-hybrid system and transient transfection experiments, we show that Tip60 preferentially interacts with and up-regulates class I nuclear receptors, suggesting that Tip60 is a steroid hormone receptor-specific co-activator. We conclude that Tip60 may specifically regulate a subset of nuclear hormone receptors, giving an indication to how regulated nuclear receptor activation can be achieved.

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