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FEBS Lett. 2001 Oct 5;506(2):149-56.

Functional characterization of the Bag7, Lrg1 and Rgd2 RhoGAP proteins from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et de Séquençage, Institut de Biochimie et Génétique Cellulaires, UMR CNRS 5095, P.O. Box 64, 146 rue Léo Saignat, 33076 Cedex, Bordeaux, France.


Rho proteins are down-regulated in vivo by specific GTPase activating proteins (RhoGAP). We have functionally studied three Saccharomyces cerevisiae putative RhoGAP. By first identifying Rho partners with a systematic two-hybrid approach and then using an in vitro assay, we have demonstrated that the Bag7 protein stimulated the GTPase activity of the Rho1 protein, Lrg1p acted on the Cdc42 and Rho2 GTPases and we showed that Rgd2p has a GAP activity on both Cdc42p and Rho5p. In addition, we brought the first evidence for the existence of a sixth functional Rho in yeast, the Cdc42/Rac-like GTPase Rho5.

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