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Behav Neurosci. 2001 Oct;115(5):1129-44.

Behavioral characterization of dopamine D5 receptor null mutant mice.

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Section on Behavioral Genomics, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892-1375, USA.


To study behavioral functions of the D5 subtype, mice were generated with null mutations in the D5 gene. This 1st behavioral characterization of D5 null mutant mice (D5-/-) indicated normal general health, sensory abilities, and neurological reflexes. Under basal conditions, D5-/- mice were generally normal on locomotor activity, the rotarod test, acoustic startle response, prepulse inhibition, elevated plus-maze, light <--> dark exploration, Morris water maze, and cued and contextual fear conditioning. In the Porsolt forced swim test for antidepressant activity, male D5-/- mice showed lower levels of immobility. D5-/- mice showed some evidence of reduced responses to the hyperactivity-inducing effects of the D1/D5 receptor agonist SKF 81297. The ability of SKF 81297 to disrupt acoustic startle and prepulse inhibition appeared to be attenuated in D5-/- mice. These results suggest that the D5 receptor is not essential for many dopamine-mediated behaviors but may contribute to the pharmacological activation of dopaminergic pathways relevant to exploratory locomotion, startle, and prepulse inhibition.

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