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Int Urol Nephrol. 2001;32(3):403-7.

The efficacy of sildenafil in different etiologies of erectile dysfunction.

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Department of Urology, Kirikkale University, Faculty of Medicine Ankara Numune Hospital, Turkey.



The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of sildenafil and success of treatment in particular etiological causes in erectile dysfunction lasting more than 3 months.


A total of 141 patients between 27 and 78 years old without any cardiac compromise, despite controversial, which precludes sildenafil (Viagra) treatment, were included in this study. All patients had only International Index of Erectile Capacity Form (IIEF) for pre-treatment evaluation and 50 mg sildenafil was started. Patients were assessed monthly for 6 months thereafter. Erectile capacity changes were questioned by IIEF on each follow-up and 100 mg sildenafil was given in patients without a response and monthly follow-up was scheduled. All patients had SMA-12, hormonal analyses and penile colour Doppler ultrasonography during the treatment course. The difference between IIEF score of each patient was displayed by Paired-t test and p-values less than 0.05 was applied as significant.


The average beginning IIEF score of 141 patients was 11.80 +/- 0.47 [6-22], and increased to 20.70 +/- 0.62 [6-30] after a month of 50 mg sildenafil treatment. The mean increase was 75.4% and found to be significant (p = 0.000, p < 0.05). The average IIEF scores were recorded as 22.57 +/- 0.69 after 3, and 22.12 +/- 0.24 after 6 months. There was no difference between these values and 2nd month controls (P3 month = 0.5675, P6 month = 0.6138, p > 0.05). A positive response was recorded in 102 patients (72.3%) and 39 (27.7%) patients were unresponsive. Doubled doses of sildenafil (100 mg) was effective in additional 17 patients. After overall treatment, 119 (84.4%) patients had benefit from sildenafil. Penile Doppler ultrasonography displayed arterial insufficiency in 79 (56.03%), veno-occlusive dysfunction in 14 (9.93%), mixt vascular pathology in 14 (9.93%) patients. Normal ultrasonographic findings in 32 patients (22.7%) were classified as psychogenic dysfunction. Among the organic causes, sildenafil was found to be most effective in arterial insufficiency group.


Sildenafil is a successful management modality in erectile dysfunction with minimal pre-treatment evaluation. As far as etiological causes concerned, sildenafil was found to be most effective in arterial insufficiency group and psychogenic group. The efficacy of sildenafil treatment has not been changed with the treatment time, since IIEF scores were stable during follow-up controls.

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