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FEBS Lett. 2001 Sep 21;505(3):369-73.

Slotoxin, alphaKTx1.11, a new scorpion peptide blocker of MaxiK channels that differentiates between alpha and alpha+beta (beta1 or beta4) complexes.

Author information

Department of Molecular Recognition and Structural Biology, Institute of Biotechnology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Erratum in

  • FEBS Lett 2001 Oct 19;507(1):122. Possan LD [corrected to Possani LD].


A novel peptide from Centruroides noxius Hoffmann scorpion venom was isolated and sequenced. The 37 amino acid peptide belongs to the charybdotoxin sub-family (alphaKTx1) and was numbered member 11. alphaKTx1.11 has 75% sequence identity with iberiotoxin and 54% with charybdotoxin. alphaKTx1.11 revealed specificity for mammalian MaxiK channels (hSlo), thus, was named slotoxin. Slotoxin blocks the MaxiK pore-forming alpha subunit reversibly (K(d)=1.5 nM). Slotoxin association with alpha+beta (beta1 or beta4) channels was approximately 10 times slower than iberiotoxin and charybdotoxin, leading to a lack of effect on alpha+beta4 when tested at 100 nM for 5 min. Thus, slotoxin is a better tool to distinguish MaxiK alpha+beta complexes.

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