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Virus Genes. 2001;23(1):105-18.

Complete genome sequence of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus PUR46-MAD clone and evolution of the purdue virus cluster.

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Centro Nacional de BiotecnologĂ­a, CSIC, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, Cantoblaico, Madrid, Spain.


The complete sequence (28580 nt) of the PUR46-MAD clone of the Purdue cluster of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus (TGEV) has been determined and compared with members of this cluster and other coronaviruses. The computing distances among their S gene sequences resulted in the grouping of these coronaviruses into four clusters, one of them exclusively formed by the Purdue viruses. Three new potential sequence motifs with homology to the alpha-subunit of the polymerase-associated nucleocapsid phosphoprotein of rinderpest virus, the Bowman-Birk type of proteinase inhibitors, and the metallothionein superfamily of cysteine rich chelating proteins have been identified. Comparison of the TGEV polymerase sequence with that of other RNA viruses revealed high sequence homology with the A-E domains of the palm subdomain of nucleic acid polymerases.

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