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[Study of the formation and the normal and pathological evolution of the eye neural primordium (author's transl)].

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The analysis of duplicate embryos, cyclops and colobomic fissure defects show that: 1. - optic vesicle and colobomic fissure are inducted by the prechordal plate. The combined inductive influence of prechordal plate and notochord carry eye absence out; 2. - initial failure of the colobomic fissure is always associated with retina folds and produce lens, vitreous and optic nerve anomalies; 3. - colobomic fissure is one indispensable anatomic structure to the optic fiber migration from the retina to the optic pedicle. Retina cutting in 4 days old chick embryos determine the disappearing of the pedicle cells. Contact between the optic fiber and the pedicle cells determine the glial cells differentiation. The colobomic fissure is a very important period of the eye evolution and the eye organisation.

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