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J Chem Ecol. 2001 Jul;27(7):1373-90.

Single and blended maize volatiles as attractants for diabroticite corn rootworm beetles.

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USDA, ARS, Northern Grain Insects Research Laboratory, Brookings, South Dakota 57006, USA.


Synthetic maize volatiles and analogs dispensed singly and blended were tested for attractiveness to western (WCR, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) and northern corn rootworm beetles (NCR, D. barberi) in maize fields. Newly identified attractants included syn-benzaldoxime, especially for NCR, and beta-caryophyllene for WCR females. (+/-)-Linalool was more effective than was (-)-linalool. Myrcene, (+)-beta-pinene, and (-)-beta-pinene were unattractive. Adding methyl salicylate to (+/-)-linalool, (+)-alpha-terpineol, or beta-ionone appeared to synergistically increase capture of WCR females, but dispensing the terpenes in binary blends did not. Dose-response data for methyl salicylate, (+/-)-linalool, and a blend of both compounds confirmed the synergy. beta-Caryophyllene, but not (-)-alpha-pinene, added to the latter blend produced a further synergistic increase in WCR female capture that did not vary with sesquiterpene dose from 1.0 to 100 mg. Indole addition to the same blend caused an increase in WCR female captures indicative of synergy, assuming that each did not individually lure different segments of the WCR female population. The green leaf volatiles (Z)-3-hexenyl acetate and (Z)-3-hexen-1-ol were unattractive alone and had no influence on efficacy of traps baited with 3.3 mg each of (+/-)-linalool, methyl salicylate, and beta-caryophyllene. The latter mixture captured about half as many WCR females as did 10 mg of 4-methoxycinnamaldehyde, a potent WCR attractant standard. Substituting beta-ionone for (+/-)-linalool yielded a ternary blend that captured more beetles than did the aldehyde and was unaffected by aldehyde addition. Olive oil, which has been used to sustain attractant volatilization, did not affect captures. The results show that the blending of maize volatiles has thepotential to greatly improve efficacy of lures having promising applications in corn rootworm population management.

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