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Cell Tissue Res. 1975 Jun 13;159(3):413-22.

Occurrence of cell junctions and microfilaments in osteoblasts.


Osteoblasts in the diaphysis of the tibia during endochondral ossification in young rats are attached to one another by nexus, by "adhaerens" junctions, and by simple appositions. "Adhaerens" junctions and nexus also occur between preosteoblasts and osteoblasts. Furthermore, to osteoblasts exhibit a network of microfilament bundles in the cell periphery overlying the osteoid. From this network bundles extend into the cell processes which protrude into the unmineralized matrix. The mean diameter of individual microfilaments is 5.9 +/- 0.06 nm. A possible role of nexus and microfilaments in controlled bone growth and differentiation is discussed.

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