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Appl Microbiol. 1975 Jul;30(1):4-9.

Production of trichothecene mycotoxins by Fusarium species in shake culture.


Twelve T-2 toxin-producing isolates and four fusarenon-X-producing isolates of Fusarium species were examined for their ability to produce trichothecene mycotoxins in shake culture and jar fermentation. T-2 toxin producers such as Fusarium solani, F. sporotrichiodes, and F. tricinctum produced T-2 toxin and neosolaniol in semisynthetic medium. F. solani M-1-1 produced the largest amount of the mycotoxins in a nutrient medium consisting of 5% glucose (or sucrose), 0.1% peptone, and 0.1% yeast extract in either shake culture or jar fermentation at 24 to 27 C for 5 days. None of the isolates produced significant amount of fusarenon-X in shake cultures.

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