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C R Acad Sci III. 2001 Jul;324(7):647-56.

Taxonomic relationships and sampling effects among Lepilemuridae and Lemuridae using a partial cytochrome b gene.

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Institut d'embryologie, faculté de médecine, 11, rue Humann, 67085 Strabourg, France.


Partial cytochrome b sequences were used to study relationships between three Lepilemuridae species (Lepilemur dorsalis, L. septentrionalis and L. leucopus) and other Lemuridae species. L. dorsalis were subdivided into two sub-groups, according to their capture area (Nosy-Be island and Sahamalaza peninsula). Relationships deduced from phylogenetic trees as well as genetic distances lead to the classification of the Lepilemurs analysed here into separate species. These Lepilemurs form a monophyletic clade which is the sister clade of all other Lemurs used in this study. Reconstructions using randomly chosen sequences and step by step addition of sequences indicate that phylogenetic results for closely related species need to be analysed with caution, if only a small number of sequences are used to obtain them.

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