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Kidney Int. 2001 Aug;60(2):412-5.

Transcriptional regulation of the NPT2 gene by dietary phosphate.

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Department of Nutritional Science, School of Medicine, Tokushima University, Tokushima City,


Dietary phosphate (Pi) is an important regulator for renal Pi reabsorption. The type II sodium-dependent phosphate (Na/Pi) cotransporters (NPT2) are located at the apical membranes of renal proximal tubular cells and major functional transporters associated with renal Pi reabsorption. The yeast one-hybrid system was used to clone a transcription factor that binds to a specific sequence (Pi response element) in the promoter of the NPT2 gene. Two cDNA clones that encoded protein of the mouse transcription factor mu E3 (TFE3) were isolated. TFE3 may participate in the transcriptional regulation of the NPT2 gene by dietary Pi.

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