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J Biol Chem. 2001 Sep 28;276(39):36337-43. Epub 2001 Jul 24.

Characterization and functional implications of the RNA binding properties of nuclear factor TDP-43, a novel splicing regulator of CFTR exon 9.

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International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) 34012 Trieste, Italy.


Variations in a polymorphic (TG)m sequence near exon 9 of the human CFTR gene have been associated with variable proportions of exon skipping and occurrence of disease. We have recently identified nuclear factor TDP-43 as a novel splicing regulator capable of binding to this element in the CFTR pre-mRNA and inhibiting recognition of the neighboring exon. In this study we report the dissection of the RNA binding properties of TDP-43 and their functional implications in relationship with the splicing process. Our results show that this protein contains two fully functional RNA recognition motif (RRM) domains with distinct RNA/DNA binding characteristics. Interestingly, TDP-43 can bind a minimum number of six UG (or TG) single-stranded dinucleotide stretches, and binding affinity increases with the number of repeats. In particular, the highly conserved Phe residues in the first RRM region play a key role in nucleic acid recognition.

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